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The tab they mentioned for Legal Information only provides mail address and 1 is for 1 state and another is for a different state. So they could see my account but would not touch it as I could not tell them the name that it was called AFTER it was hacked and stolen off of me How can a site that is so big and popular be so nasty to people? BigPoint needs to be made accountable for the way it mistreats its customers. Under the Terms and Conditions of Bigpoint, to which you agreed upon: 1. Add photos optional. I have spent a large amount of money over the course of [protected] that can be confirmed with paypal and my bank statements. What I want is for BP to set some standards to operate by and start being an honest company and only a class auction suet with a large penalty will change them. So when my account got a strike for a bot which i did not use.

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    TheBuzz Forum-Greenhorn. The pirates on usa east 3 server are not dropping any aurus. TheBuzz, Dec 3, Selling USA east 1 Rank Basic Major, only 10k needs for major Ship is lvl22, 17b exp Discussion on Selling USA east 1 UFE within the DarkOrbit Trading forum part of the 06/30/ - Browsergames Trading - 0 Replies. This page is a page about Darkorbit on the USA East 1 server.

    [GI] USA East 3 Server DarkOrbit

    This page is meant for sharing information Darkorbit USA East 1 · February 12, ·. I'd like to.
    They didn't like the fact that I discovered their scam and have covered their tracks by messing with my account. I have trawled the net since my experience and have found hundreds of examples of the same story or similar, and thats just the ones in english.

    Please don't waste your time and money on this con of a site. Based on this forum alone, sounds like Dark Orbit Support does this regularly.

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    My opinion; What these guys are doing is a business move, to extort more money from my pocket. If you have address for legal dept of bigpoint please post. Complaint Description:I play on GB1 server, player Was accused of attempting to 'hack' a players account.

    images darkorbit usa east 2016
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    Could you recommend who to contact about this and possibly a link that lists internet law specialists to pursue this further.

    As you are aware over the past year Dark Orbit have introduced a number of new methods to this game, we have seen the new client also skylab, Pilot Bio and thats not to mention the shared boosters ammo and now the PET drone All i ask is that people not quit the game entirely but put a stop to spending money on megas until this issue is addressed, i know if we all stick together we can solve this issue together and make this game FAIR for ALL players.

    Darkorbit booty box designs opinion you

    The account has therefore been removed from gameplay, the rules on such matters have been clear to you. What kind of helps that? Most of the chat-controllers don't seem to understand the context of most words and will ban you for use of innocent words that they deem to be offensive.

    Since there have been various events that have appeared in DarkOrbit, Galaxy Gate Rewards Days (April ) Edit PvM (US East 3) (Jan ) Edit.

    Buy, sell or trade Dark Orbit Reloaded accounts, items and resources here.

    images darkorbit usa east 2016

    DOR Dark Dec 8. 0%. Selling My lvl 14 account for DarkOrbit USA 3 East. 02/16/ _LVL 20 USA (EAST 02/17/ 02/09/ Darkorbit seproms int8 10havoc 10herculs Expo Diminisher.
    Darkorbit booty box designs The only way to get LF4s is to do the Epsilon Gate, Kappa Gate, Hades Gate 15 chance or open the green, gold, blue, or red Booty Boxes by purchasing the normal Booty Keys only open green and gold Booty Boxes or buying the red and blue Keys from the Uridium page when there is an event and they are available to buy.

    Most of the chat-controllers don't seem to understand the context of most words and will ban you for use of innocent words that they deem to be offensive.

    darkorbit darkbot v1 13 9

    Still the same issues, tons of lag, down time, arrogant support teams that talk down to you, it's your fault, not theirs. I have also heard the rumor that they are allowing their Board Admins to purchase Banned Player Ships. DO support in the US said they would not discuss it with me, so I contacted BigPoint support and provided all communication with DO support, only to be told "since I had started communications with DO support regarding this issue I should continue to discuss it with them".

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    images darkorbit usa east 2016
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    Ambiguous or faulty rules you'll find it it sooner or later when playing.

    Unlike regular boxes, they require a BK key to be unlocked costing 1, Uridium per key. Please tell me where it says this will happen??

    images darkorbit usa east 2016

    Hello players, I have the same issue as described by titan, I was trying to play today as I usually do WHen have time for it and couldn't get access to the USA EAST server, I sent a request for help to the stupid technical support that Bigpoint Inc has and the answer I got is this.

    A month later they accused me again and I just had no choice but to stop playing because I can not keep spending money on the game and run a risk of big-point shutting my account down unfairly after so much money being put into this game since I usually buy booster and was subscribed to box doubler and premium.

    No compensation for your inconvenience due to lag and downtime.

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